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Carbon for Education

Our service allows natural and legal persons to offset the carbon footprint generated by the annual use of cell phones, cable decoder, transportation in land vehicles and/or air transportation. 

By offsetting the carbon footprint, a third of the resources collected are channeled to enable and improve green or natural areas where children can play, learn and undertake, within the framework of the TiNi initiative, in homes, schools and communities, in urban areas. and rural. 

Our carbon credits are internationally certified by VCS and CCB, and registered with Markit. 

compensation prices

* Carbon for Education is a service provided by ANIA. The price includes VAT.

** The annual compensation price of a cell phone includes the cost of a plant that will be delivered to a child.

*** Buses emit less carbon dioxide than linear cars and motorcycles due to a difference in their combustion processes.

Companies that have already compensated

Quote with us

Offset your carbon footprint with us! Provide information about your product and the kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) you want to offset to receive a personalized quote.

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