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Bonus for Environmental Services in Values and Education

The SAVE Bond seeks to value and recognize the environmental service that Mother Nature provides us, in terms of education and values that the new generations receive when they grow up in contact with her. 

The objective of the SAVE Bond is to establish and maintain spaces for formal and non-formal education, through the implementation of Children's Land (the classroom of Mother Earth) in neighborhoods, communities and protected natural areas. The annual cost of maintaining these spaces, which allow children to play, learn and engage in contact with nature, varies according to the relationship between the area of the place, the number of children who frequent it and the geographical location.

Although most of the SAVE bonds are granted for spaces located in terrestrial ecosystems, it is also applicable for coastal marine ecosystems. An example of this is the case of the Quick Silver company in Peru, which acquired a SAVE Bond for the "Mohana" wave, which allows a local NGO to apply Surf Therapy with children and young people at risk.

Value of a SAVE Bond

The value of the SAVE Bond depends on the location and the number of square meters per child in the Children's Land.

The following table defines the value of a Children's Land according to these variables. The bond is valid for one year and has been designed
to supplement space maintenance costs.

Companies that have already acquired a SAVE Bond

Acquire a SAVE Bond

Be part of the change! Acquire a SAVE Bond and help create spaces for learning and entrepreneurship in contact with Mother Earth.

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