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Our history

It begins with Joaquín Leguía, who at the age of four found refuge in the garden of his grandparents' house after his parents separated. There he met Mother Earth and she him. It gave him joy, company, security, and freedom. He gave him emotional support and unconditional love.  Based on this experience, Joaquín adopted as his life's mission to ensure that children grow up with nature, experience what it gives them, love it and therefore take care of her To materialize his mission, Joaquín founded ANIA in 1995 and created the "Children's land". 

The work of Joaquín and ANIA has been widely recognized nationally and internationally. Joaquín is an Ashoka Fellow and has received recognition from the World Economic Forum, the Ministry of the Environment of Peru, the Miguel Grau national prize in values, Diploma of Honor from the Congress of the Republic for contributing to Peruvian society, decoration with Palmas Magisteriales, category Amauta, by the Peruvian State and "Distinguished Fellowship" Award from the Peruvian-Canadian Institute. Joaquín is also one of the protagonists in the documentary "The Beginning of Life 2" which is on Netflix in 190 countries. 

Thanks to countless people and organizations, ANIA will continue to make history. Today their efforts are aimed at achieving through the TiNi methodology that Mother Earth is recognized and institutionalized as a teacher in educational institutions in the world.

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