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We make new generations grow up with nature
and make it your ally to build a better world

Since 1995, ANIA has been working to encourage girls, boys and young people toempathy for life: the ability to feel, think and act  for the well-being of oneself, others and nature. To achieve this, it is essential that they grow in regular and positive contact with Mother Nature and make her their ally to prosper by regenerating life and human relationships.

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Our methodology
Children's Land


When girls and boys grow up in regular and positive contact with nature, it contributes significantly to their cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being, and makes them grow up with a "good heart", loving and caring for life.

To achieve this, we created the Children's land, recognized by Unesco as a good practice in education for sustainable development, present in more than 10 countries and institutionalized by the governments of Peru, Ecuador and the Municipality of Rapa Nui.

In Peru, we have the innovation laboratory of. the methodology, in Brazil and Canada with Promotion Centers and in Costa Rica the global center of the teacher Mother Nature is being created to globalize the TiNi methodology.

To implement the methodology there are courses for children, teachers, the general public and the platform And for the sustainability of the TiNi, there is the Carbono por Educación and Bono SAVE program.

Children's Land Courses

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