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Mother Earth

The Teacher

The environmental crisis, and the pandemic deriving from it, leads us to urgently rethink our ways of life and how we relate to nature. In this sense, Peru has already set its path with Peru Vision 2050 and the National Educational Project to 2036, both framed in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030.  


It is in this context that the initiative to incorporate “Mother Earth” as a teacher into the formal education systems of Peru and other American countries is born, in order to help us nurture empathy and attitudes towards life in students at initial, primary, secondary and higher level. We will accomplish this by making her image visible and by enabling green or natural areas as her "classroom", where nurturing is practiced with affection, and used as a pedagogical resource to integrate the care of the environment, the common good and the sense of purpose in the different curricular areas.


Including Mother Earth as a teacher is not only socially and economically viable, but also an act of vindication with our planet and the indigenous cultures that care for her. We believe that it is the best strategy for new generations to grow up connecting with nature as a subject of rights and make her an ally to create a more empathetic and sustainable world.

Join this initiative by downloading and signing the letter of affiliation. And send it to us with your logo to:

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