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Monumental trees

The monumental trees initiative, has its origins in the project "Monumental Trees" of Spain and begins in Peru with ANIA. It seeks to identify, recognize and value urban and rural trees that stand out for their size, form, age or for being protagonists of myths, traditions or historical facts at national level.

In 2015, with the legal advice of Alfredo Gálvez from the Peruvian Environmental Law Society (SPDA), the leadership of Valmi Herrera of the Municipality of Mariscal Nieto - Moquegua, and the technical advice of Christian Riveros of the Technical Forest and Wildlife Administration (SERFOR) Moquegua - Tacna, the first "Monumental Tree" was declared in Peru: a 150-year-old Molle Serrano.

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​​From then, other trees have been declared monumental and the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) has included as a Bicentennial (2021) goal that there should be at least one patrimonial tree in each province of Peru (196). 



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Declared monumental trees

2015: "Centennial Molle"

Species: Molle Serrano

Scientific name: Schinus molle

Location: Mariscal Nieto, Moquegua

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